Welcome in Oremus.

Oremus is a roman catholic prayer group dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The principal aim of this group is to put in contact, through Internet, all those persons, in Italy and in the world, who are willing to dedicate a part of their time to pray holding communion with others.

Through the mailing-list, which is the instrument we use to put into communication all the members of the group, everybody can freely ask for prayers and be constantly informed about the requests of prayers of all the other members.

To be part of the group is sufficient to register oneself in the mailing list of Oremus. If you wish to join us please insert your e-mail address (in the form placed on the upper side of the registration page), click the button and then fill in all the data required by "Yahoo! Gruppi". At this point you are ready to receive and send messages to the other members of the list.

Since most of the list members are Italian and the official language used in the mailing-list is Italian, it would be necessary that all the messages you send are written in this language to be understood by everybody in the list.

If you don’t speak Italian but you still would like to ask for prayers and to pray with us, you can send a direct e-mail with your request in English to the moderators.

Your request will be translated and sent to the prayer group. We are confident that, even if not appearing in the group, you will remember us and the intentions of the list Oremus in your prayers.

At the beginning of the month we indicate the general intentions for the month (ex. November: the Souls of Purgatory), but, as a principle, we always pray first for the intentions of Our Holy Mother and then all the rest (She will take care of everything).

Oremus is a non-profit group, the registration and the participation to this list is totally free of charge.

The main requisite to be part of this list is the willingness to dedicate some time to praying and to be in communion with others while doing it. The time, the quantity and the kind of prayers are left to our own individual preferences and possibilities.

Oremus is not a discussion place, but personal initiatives pertinent to the object of this list, which is exclusively prayer, are encouraged and appreciated.


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