General intentions

We are praying every day for the following general intentions:

- for Mary's intentions and for the Triumph of Her Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart;
- for a recognition and reverence of the True Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist and for our Faith to be preserved;
- in repair to the offenses made to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus;
- for the most abandoned souls of Purgatory;
- for the Holy Father intentions, with particular regard to those concerning unity among the various Christian confessions, and that he may lead the Church as long as possible;
- for all the Cardinals, Bishops, priests, religious and consecrated persons and for the Catholic Church in the world;
- for holy priestly vocations to flourish in the Church;
- for the peace: to stop terrorism, all the hotbeds of war and social, economic and religious crisis under way around the world;
- for all missionaries of the world, lay and consecrated;
- for those who are dying, that they reconcile with Our Father before their definitive travel;
- to stop abuses of any kind on children;
- for the young people, which are now the favourite victims of the evil one;
- so that are abolished all the laws against life such as abortion, euthanasia and experiments on human embryos;
- so that it can be stopped the diffusion of satanic sects and various cults and mislead people can come back to the only true God;
- for all the lonely, abandoned and ill persons and for all those who suffer from depression, anguish and psychological disturbs of various kinds;
- for all medical staff, voluntary assistants included, that they may take care of their suffering brothers with the love of Christ;

- for all the teachers, so that they treat their pupils, es
pecially the difficult ones, with great patience and love;
- so that the Crucifix is not excluded from schools and public places in Italy due to a misunderstood comprehension of religious freedom;
- for all the Christian families who are living difficult moments, that they may find the strength to get over misunderstandings and incomprehension in order to save their marriage;
- for all the irregular families, that they may find the strength to take the difficult but right choice to adjust their situation in accordance with Jesus teachings;
- for all women victims of exploitation, violence and ignorance;
- so that the rich countries take in charge the heavy economical and health problems of all the poor countries;
- for all countries devastated or threatened by natural and/or human made disasters and so that these can be attenuated and even prevented;
- for nature and animals so that they are finally respected by the human kind;
- for all working environments, that the peace of Christ may reign everywhere and for all the persons without work and living in difficult economical situations;
- in reverence of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord shed for our sins;
- for the Western Countries and for the spiritual dryness and general lack of faith they live in;
- for any discrimination against the Catholic Church in Russia to be stopped and the Catholics and Orthodox brothers find again their unity in Christ, and for all the Catholics who are living their faith among many difficulties;
- for the economic and financial crisis which is affecting the whole world.



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